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“A Company You Can Trust.”

There are plenty of companies that can provide you criminal information, verify education, or pull the credit of an applicant. What makes us different is our focus on a positive client experience. With our easy to use QuickApp tool, rest assured of being 100% FCRA compliant. Any questions, our local, highly-trained, elite customer support team is here to help.



Full Compliance

Compliance is a priority at VICTIG. Our software will help you remain fully compliant under FCRA guidelines. VICTIG has also “gone the extra mile” and become part of a small, elite group that is accredited by the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA).



Elite Customer Support

While we’ve made our technology super user-friendly, we know the background screening process can at times be a bit complicated. Rest assured that our elite, US-based customer support team is always here to answer any questions you might have.



User Friendly Technology

With our Quick App software tool, you can order a background check with only a name and an email address. Our E-signature ordering process is 50-state compliant, and applicants can easily provide consent for a background check.



Unrivaled Pricing

Did we mention we’ll save you money? We guarantee we can beat your current vendor’s price. Price needn’t be an obstacle in choosing VICTIG as your background screening provider.



Our Guarantee

The fact is we are so confident in our services and software that once any business try us out and experiences our fast turnaround time, ease of use, simple features and outstanding customer service, they will not want to go back to their current provider.

It Is Essential That You Are Able To Receive Help When You Need It.

Our Elite Support Team


Live Customer Care

The background screening process can be a bit…well…complicated at times. Have no fear, our elite support team is here! Give us a call at (866) 886-5644 or email us at support@victig.com if you have any questions about running a report, the status of a report, or anything else.


Chat With Us

If you’re a current client, or if you are someone looking for an elite background screening provider, click on the little chat bubble in the corner to chat with our team!


Continued Training

Since it is human nature to slip and revert to bad habits, to retrain occasionally allows for new ideas and reinforces a positive learning atmosphere. Employees will be trained and retrained on a regular basis by the use role-play, and by seeking out their input.

Our Mission

To Provide The Best Screening In The World

Our mission is to provide you the best screening in the world. We do this by working proactively with our customers regarding their needs, being diligent in customer care, providing the best technology and efficiently managing vendors to ensure prompt, accurate and thorough screening.

There are a lot of things we can say about why we feel we are better than any other screening company you could work with but that doesn’t matter. What matters is what you think. That’s why we want you to try us out for free and decide for yourself. There is no obligation, cost, or risk whatsoever.

We do not have monthly quotas, monthly maintenance fees, institute performance standards, or ask that you sign any long term contract. Put us up against your current provider and if you are not totally satisfied with your experience, the products and services are on the house.

No obligation to you, 100% free.

Top Rated Technology Dedicated To Searching.

We feel that buy using the best screening software in the world that we are ahead of the game.

We Provide The Most Modern And Efficient Technologies To Cater To Your Business.

Our Team

What Our Clients Have to Say


“I have enjoyed working with you and your team. Your response time in handling our background checks is awesome. I love your user friendly system too. Thanks for all you do. If I ever need assistance, I know you are there for me. It’s always only one phone call and I’m good to go. I appreciate you and your team!” – Elaine


“I can honestly say that I haven’t had any issues. I am 100% satisfied with the service we receive. We are pleased with the search features and the website. The customer service is always great. When I call in with an issue they have it resolved within the hour.” – Nadia

Our Blog

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