Client Testimonials

What do our clients have to say about us?

Josh Garner

It’s so hassle-free, I’ve actually told other HR people at other companies how much we’ve enjoyed our partnership.

“I have enjoyed working with you and your team.  Your response time in handling our background checks is awesome.  I love your user friendly system too.  Thanks for all you do.  If I ever need assistance, I know you are there for me.  It’s always only one phone call and I’m good to go.  I appreciate you and your team!” – Elaine Earl at Franklin Covey

“I can honestly say that I haven’t had any issues. I am 100% satisfied with the service we receive. We are pleased with the search features and the website. The customer service is always great. When I call in with an issue they have it resolved within the hour.” – Nadia Chebotareva at Lindsay Automotive

“Victig has a quick response time and I really appreciate that. Our previous vendor wasn’t as responsive and our HR managers only have positive things to say about Victig.” – Reid Millerberg at Boart Longyear

Josh Love

[VICTIG] is always willing to do what needs to be done. The price, service, and executor is what every good business is looking for in a partner.

“I do not have one single complaint about Victig! The support team is so responsive and helpful with the various requests and questions we have and do great follow up if an employee has missed a drug screening, etc.  I really appreciate all of you!” – Celene Roberts at Abeo-Mountain Division

“I’ve been pleased with Victig as long as we’ve been working with them. The customer support is excellent. Their turnaround time is also excellent. If there’s a problem they notify me right away.”– Rebecca Monsivais at SecurityMetrics

“Since switching to Victig our background checks and drug screens go far smoother. We don’t have to call to find out where things are because it is visible on our account page. If there is an issue, they call us before we even know. Customer service is first rate. I recommend Victig to anyone needing a background check and/or drug screen vendor.” – Kurt Jaussi at Galileo Processing


Ashley Ray | April Chase

The way you guys handle stuff with emails and alerts, and have it basically done all online is the biggest reason why we chose to move [to VICTIG].

“It has been a pleasure working with Matt Visser and his team at VICTIG! Each situation has been carefully and promptly handled for us, and I have appreciated the personal and professional attention we receive. I highly recommend VICTIG to anyone.” – Carol Nibley at HR Imagine Learning

“Here is what I like about VICTIG 1. The website: It’s super easy to navigate and laid out in an intuitive fashion. 2. The search times: Depending on the search, you can usually generate your reports in a matter of minutes. 3. Databases: VICTIG’s reporting does not draw from a single database; it pulls from multiple, overlapping sources assuring me of a comprehensive search. 4. The pricing: VICTIG’s pricing is very competitive affording my company the ability to extend the background search process. 5. The customer service: If I need an explanation on one of the reports, I know I can call VICTIG and get competent and timely assistance.” – John Barlow at Washington Business Services

“I have really enjoyed working with you and VICTIG. Great system – very user-friendly – and extremely quick. Your staff scores a big 10 on customer service too.”- Dave Kuker at HR Infosync Services

Ric Heaton

As far as the expectations that you guys set for us, you’ve hit all of them. The support has been fantastic… Everything just works.

“We appreciate all VICTIG does for us. When I call in the service desk is always so helpful.” – Maggie Powell at W.W. Clyde

“Victig has worked perfectly for me, and I’m amazed at how quickly you get an answer.  We used to wait days for a background report at my old job, so the speed that I get them from your company is amazing to me.” – Sandy Brand at Brashers Auto Auction

“We are very pleased with VICTIG. When people call asking if we want to switch companies, I tell them ‘NO THANK YOU, WE LOVE THE COMPANY WE CURRENTLY WORK WITH-WE’RE VERY HAPPY!’ They always ask who is it and I tell them. We are so happy.” – Shannon Salado at Los Banos Property Management

Jeremy Sabin | Jennica Zern

When I think of VICTIG I think of speed, which has been amazing compared to what I’ve seen.