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mp3verifi-199x300Have you ever outsourced your previous employment and reference verifications before? Chances are the company you outsourced the service to have the same problems you have always had. Likely getting in touch with the appropriate contact in a timely manner has been a challenge. Someone has to make the calls in order to properly verify an individual’s past. There is no secret sauce to the process unless, of course, you use VICITIG.

When you outsource your verifications to us, we customize the questions that our verifiers ask to the specific questions you would like to be answered. We ensure that the process and the questions being asked are Fair Credit Reporting Act compliant and are done accurately and efficiently every time.

Our Hotline MP3 Verifications process has solved the time leaching phone tag problem of verifications. When one of our verifiers is working on a verification for you, instead of leaving a message for the contact person to call them back, they leave a message asking the contact person to call your specific, customized, verification hotline back. The contact person can then call the hotline at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and provide us with the information you need for your verification. The verification is converted into an MP3 file, can be attached to your report, and transcribed for you. You can quickly review verifications for pertinent content but can also listen to the tone in which responses were given.

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