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The VICTIG API Integration software provides companies with a simple solution towards the hiring process. Should your company need an integrated application that can efficiently and properly provide consumer investigative information like criminal records, credit, verifications, or social security traces, VICTIG is the partner for you.

Unlike most screening businesses, our fully documented API Gateway provided by Taz Works arranges your IT department with a map on how to communicate with us with ease and no human interaction required.

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    Stress-free integration in a timely and convenient manner.

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    Provided with round-the-clock monitoring and security.

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    Provided with 24/7 in-house support for any questions or concerns.

  •  Custom Solutions

    Customize your API platform that best suits your needs.

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How API Works

The XML gateway (API) provides access via the Internet and XML messaging to a variety of background screening data products. The API consists of an XML schema for formatting screening data product requests and a gateway to which formatted requests are submitted and from which formatted responses are retrieved. As a security measure, requests and responses are transmitted over HTTPS using 256-bit encryption. The client sends, via an HTTP post, an XML request for a screening product to the gateway.

The product is a named configuration of available searches, such as credit, criminal, driving records, and references. The request contains authentication credentials, information indicating which product and searches are being requested, and the necessary applicant data to process the request. The gateway validates the request for correctness and completeness. Errors will be reported in an XML response with an “Error” status and no order ID. If there are no errors, the gateway returns an XML response with a non-error status, an order ID, and a URL to view the report. The gateway will proactively notify the client, via XML, of status changes in the background screening report, or the client can query the gateway for status information.

Solutions Built for You

With multiple ways to access and integrate your solutions, our API service is the best method for your employment database. Our Secure CRM in partnership with Taz Works will make record keeping easy as ever.

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  • Quality Partners
  • Easy to Use Web Applications
  • Decreased Cost

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The fact is we are so confident in our services and software that once any business try’s us out and experiences our fast turnaround time, ease of use, simple features and outstanding customer services they will not want to go back to their current provider.

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