Here are few reasons to choose us.

Quality of Data – Most background screening companies receive their data from 1 data vendor per product and often times maintain integrations with 4 or 5 total vendors. VICTIG sustains integrations with over 80 different data vendors in addition to providing remote access to hundreds more. This provides superior data capitalizing on regional or niche competencies while maintaining efficient and cost effective order and retrieval.

Features – The software that is utilized by VICTIG customers is the byproduct of input from over 200 other background screening companies. New innovative and original features are developed and deployed each week. Virtually every aspect is customizable to specific customer needs.

Integration/Private Label – With a fully documented API or XML Gateway Guide, software or service companies with an existing customer base can easily be provided with an integrated screening solution.

Turnaround Time – Efficiencies in working with superior, specialized vendors allows us to return results 24-72 hours quicker than other background screening companies.  Cost – A lean operation taking advantage of software capabilities, technology, and creative staffing setup produces generous profit margins. Maintaining minimal overhead and streamlining processes provides a superior product and service for 20% less than the competition.