Welcome to VICTIG!

We have created this page as a resource tool for you. Feel free to save the URL for future use or of course reach out to us should you need anything. We want to make sure that we help protect you and your interests as best as we can. As a company we have a passion for compliance and providing you with information that can better your internal practices. We have included a few resources for you such as a welcome letter, the summary of rights under the FCRA documents, prohibited practices by employers, and adverse action flowchart, and a word version of an disclosure and authorization document for your use. A word of caution.

We STRONGLY recommend you use our internal quickapp process as it handles the disclosure and authorization process for you in a compliant manner. Many states and municipalities have created requirements of language that an employer must provide to candidates at specified periods of time. A manual paper process is extremely difficult to manage properly. Please consult with us if you find yourself needing a paper version as well as competent legal counsel.