The Value of a Comprehensive Background Check

Good things come to those who don’t cut corners and that includes employers looking to save money and time in their employee screening practices. In the age of Google, when the answers to life’s limitless questions are only a few keystrokes away, it’s become even more tempting than before to opt for speed over accuracy. But a thorough investigation of any topic, including the eligibility of potential hires, takes time. The potential savings and security for your company are worth the added effort of performing comprehensive background checks that include piece-meal searches of each critical area of a background check. A comprehensive background check that includes each of these pieces should take about a day to complete on average, but it’s worth the assurance that you’ve brought the best people onboard with your company.

Quick and Lengthy Searches

It won’t take long to look up a candidate’s driving record, but searches that will require a longer investment of time will include investigations of:

  • professional and personal references
  • education history
  • criminal records
  • sex-offender registries
  • licensing and certification claims, etc.

Time is Money

We know you want answers fast, so despite the time-commitment of a comprehensive background search, we work toward executing quick turnaround times to help you make your hiring decisions sooner rather than later. After all, you’ve invested enough already in recruiting your ideal candidate.

We help you make the best decision as efficiently and ethically as possible, keeping complete compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Have complete confidence in your hiring decisions. Invest in a comprehensive background check today.