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The fully automated or full service on-line resident screening system provides the multi-family housing industry with a complete management tool for screening applicants. We provide cutting edge technology to bring our customers the most progressive and innovative on-line B2B resident screening system on the market today.

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Tenant Screening Features

Credit Reports

This report is provided in strict compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and its use is restricted for the use of extending credit to potential residents for the purpose of living in an apartment community or in a rental property.

Criminal Search

There is no perfect way to do a tenant background check. However, VICTIG will help you put together a customized package to be as comprehensive as possible to assure you are renting your home or space to worthy tenants.

Eviction Search

We use the most comprehensive evictions database available. We offer either a state wide or national search. This is not generally included on a credit report. You may receive a court description, case number, dates, and more.

Landlord References

Just like our verifications for employment, our staff will call previous landlords and verify with them dates of lease, did they leave with proper notice, move in and out dates, and pay, were they late on payments and anything else.

Score Card

VICTIG will produce an automated Scorecard that is a simple, powerful tool for property managers and landlords. It provides a means to quickly and efficiently analyze the history of applicants and then generates recommendations to you.

Find the Best Tenants

The residential system combines credit reports, criminal reports, eviction data, previous rental performance data, and previous employment history data for establishing an applicant behavioral model.

In an effort to provide the very best investigation possible, VICTIG has integrated with over 50 different data providers and will intuitively route your requests to the best solution. The result is the most efficient, timely, and comprehensive search available.