Drug Screening

We provide the most efficient, timely, and comprehensive drug screenings available.

Run Comprehensive Employee Drug Screenings. Fast.

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We make certain that you get the best pricing for your needs.

Options Galore

Screenings Include: DOT, Non-DOT, Post-Accident, Oral, Hair, Standard 5, 9, 10 Panel, Customized Panels

Giant Network

Our network is massive, and also includes very low out-of-network costs.

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One-stop shop. Red carpet treatment without red carpet pricing.

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The fact is we are so confident in our services and software that once any business try us out and experiences our fast turnaround time, ease of use, simple features and outstanding customer services they will not want to go back to their current provider.

Our Guarantee:

  • Superior Quality
  • Better Customer Service
  • Quicker Turn Around Time
  • Decreased Cost

The Essentials in One Report

We have integrated Background checks and Drug screening results all in one report. In an effort to add additional value for our clients, VICTIG can now manage your drug testing too. Our software is now fully integrated with four massive drug testing providers. Pre-registration can be handled right in our system making your life easier. The best part is you will save money.

In an effort to provide the very best investigation possible, VICTIG has integrated with over 50 different data providers and will intuitively route your requests to the best solution. The result is the most efficient, timely, and comprehensive search available.