How to Reduce Turnover with Good Background Checks

Reducing liability for your organization is not the only reason to invest in employee screening and background checks. It is also a strategy for shrinking costly and inefficient turnover rates. All good employers know that if they can find the right person for a position on the first attempt—and keep them—the expense of onboarding that individual was money well spent. With a good background check, you can:

  • become aware of the candidate’s lack of qualifications, education, and training before a hiring decision is made
  • learn a
    bout the candidate’s past history with employers, including their termination history
  • learn positive things about the candidate that will increase the chances of retention
  • circumvent instances of workplace fraud, theft, and violence

A good hire is a win for your company’s overall efficiency—infrastructural, economical, and procedural. A solid retention rate represents a wealth of savings that is estimated to be more than double the salary for the position in question—which is what you’ll pay to scout, vet, and secure a new hire for the vacated position.

Job-seekers are becoming desperate in today’s economy and are more liable than ever to destroy the truth on their resumes, applications, and cover letters. Background checks are part of a crucial verification process that includes a thorough investigation of all the candidate’s claims, revealing such important issues as:

  • workplace violence
  • identity theft
  • fraud and misrepresentation
  • breaches of confidentiality agreements

Start making smart hiring choices today by investing in solid employee screening practices. You will drastically reduce turnover while retaining the best of your organization. Background checks will reduce your overhead, promote overall workplace security, and incentivize the productivity of your workers.