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Do you have a need to provide pre-employment background screening and tenant screening to customers but do not have the expertise, experience, technology, or capability to become your own consumer reporting agency? VICTIG is the perfect solution.

VICTIG provides you the ability to private label a world class screening platform that is 100% turnkey. We can manage compliance, invoicing, fulfillment on manual products, customer care, and even marketing for you. Partnering with VICTIG will not only provide you with an additional revenue source but a true, value added service for your customers.

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The VICTIG Instascreen software facilitates a variety of partnership options. Should your company need an integrated application that can efficiently and properly provide consumer investigative information like criminal records, credit, verifications, or social security traces, VICTIG is the partner for you.

Our fully documented API/XML Gateway guide provides your IT department with a map on how to communicate with us. We have a dedicated support team that can help troubleshoot problems, develop customized solutions, and provide valuable insight to the nearly endless possibilities. Hundreds of companies have developed an interface with the Instascreen software which assures you that we can do what we say we can do.

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