Our Customer Care

It is essential that you are able to recieve help when you need it.

Customer Care is Important to us.

Background screening can be very complicated. We believe it is essential that you are able to get help about what you need and when you need it. This why We Provide Live customer care for any questions or problem that you may have. Below are the aspects of customer care that we strive to emphasize.

Be professional when on the sales floor. All employee breaks and personal business should be conducted out of the view of customers, and cell phone calls or other personal communications should be limited to lunch or breaks.

Go the extra mile for a customer. A conscious effort should be made to assist a customer in finding what he or she needs and/or in resolving a problem. If there is a policy, it should be stated politely. There is no room in customer service for “attitude.”

Dress appropriately. Employees dealing with customers are expected to present themselves in a professional manner and dress accordingly.

Develop rapport with the regulars. Staff should get to know regular customers, greet them when they come in or during any correspondence, and make them feel comfortable. A simple hello, good afternoon, or thank you can go a long way.

Have resources readily available. There’s no better way to kill a sale then being unable to find what you need. Be prepared for sales, service, and care.

Train and retrain. Since it is human nature to slip and revert to bad habits, to retrain occasionally allows for new ideas and reinforces positive conduct. Employees will be trained and retrained on a regular basis by the use role-play, and by seeking out their input.

Regular customer care meetings will be scheduled to discuss customer care performance, issues, thoughts for improvement, and evaluations. All meetings will be interactive and will seek the input of representatives in modifying, adopting, and developing new and improved measures.

Technical troubleshooting – Ability to talk with someone right away that can solve any problem or need you have.

Criminal research – We research any criminal record questions you have for free. You will be provided with explinations of charges, dispositions, and research to accuracy of records.

Legal compliance – You can rest assured that your processs will always remain comliant with VICTIG. While other companies shy from providing any sort of compliance advice, we feel itis an essential service to help you comply with all related federal and state legislation

Screening existing and potential employees as well as tenants can become complicated. Criminal record terminology can be misleading and information can often be incomplete. There is no reason you need to become a screening expert. That’s our job!

Every single client works individually with a representative who is charged with helping that customer with anything needed. You even get the cell phone number to a real, living, breathing, human. Imagine that?

If real customer service is lacking in your current situation, give us a try. It’s totally risk free! Check out our guarantee.

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