How Long Should You Expect Employee Background Checks to Take?

From the employee’s perspective, a background check can take as little as one to two days or as long as a few months. If the employer is using a third-party background check provider (and all should), a portion of this time frame is outside of their control.

On Average

Background check providers or services that laud an “instant” turnaround time are generally pulling from databases that can be incomplete or contain inaccuracies. The problems with this should be obvious and you should always opt for thoroughness over speediness.

Why Delays?

The FCRA requires that job applicants give written consent for their personal records to be pulled. Delays commonly happen when employers fail or delay acquiring and conveying this signed authorization.

Another reason for delay is the time it takes to conduct verifications, or personally contact applicable persons at prior schools and places of employment and receive the requested information.

Cross-checking Records

Name confusion can be a setback with background checks, as name variations require agencies to cross check information to make sure they have the right person. It’s crucial to complete this step as mistaken identities has caused problems for all involved parties in the past and opens up the employer and agency to litigation.

Simply said, thorough background checks require time, but there at technological solutions to speed up verification processes, such as VICTIG’s verification hotline, which sidesteps the common time-wasting “phone tag” problem by allowing contacts to call a hotline at their convenience rather than attempt to coordinate with the personal schedule of agency employees. Contact us to learn more.