Overview Your typical applicant screening process likely includes a criminal history check, an identity verification, a drug test, an education history and employment verification, and a work authorization. But have you ever conducted an employment credit report check? A financial background check can give you a good idea about whether someone is prone to monetary […]

Employment Verification & History Employment verifications are a basic way to mitigate the risk of hiring mistakes. Many candidates misrepresent their work histories and experiences in the interview process and may actually be less experienced and qualified than they say. With an employment history verification, you can confirm the accuracy of their work history — […]

According to the Department of Labor, workplace drug use costs US employers $75 to $100 billion in lost revenue each year, which accounts for lost time, accidents, healthcare, and workers’ compensation costs. While drug screening practices are currently in flux in locations where marijuana has been legalized, most Fortune 500 companies still require their employee […]

  The profitability of a business depends heavily on the productivity of its people. Every moment affects the bottom line, so it’s tempting to take the fast route in the hiring process. When it comes to employment background checks, however, a speedy screening is a disservice to your organization — especially when screening candidates for […]

Embellishments, falsifications, omissions, misleading information—a lie can go by many names and according to a CareerBuilder survey from 2014, at least 58% of employers found something dishonest on an applicant’s resume. Talk about putting your worst foot forward. “Trust is very important in professional relationships,” stated a CareerBuilder representative, Rosemary Haefner, vice president of HR. […]

In business, the profitability of any organization is going to depend on the productivity of its people. Every moment matters to the bottom line, so if something can be done sooner rather than later, it can be tempting to go with the faster option. Unfortunately, in the world of employment background checks “faster” does not […]

First off, what exactly is a “gig” employee? From what I gather from the intrawebs, it’s the new trendy, hipster way of saying contingent employee. I must have missed that memo. Gig employees have been around for quite a long time. However, since the “Great Recession”, the number of gig employees has exploded. According to […]

Recently, CareerBuilder conducted a survey and found that 28% of those surveyed did not conduct background checks on potential employees. According to PR Newswire, the national study was conducted online by Harris Poll on behalf of CareerBuilder and included a sample of 2,379 hiring managers and human resources professionals across industries and company sizes in the private […]

Fans of the famous Jenga game know well it requires forethought, cautious moves, and even careful planning, just like pre-employment screening. For those not familiar with this popular Hasbro game, it works like this: Players build a structure, like a model of a tower or skyscraper, by arranging fifty-four rectangular blocks on top of each […]

Have you ever played Jenga? This popular Hasbro game is conceptually very simple. It contains fifty-four rectangular wooden blocks. These blocks are arranged on top of one another, three blocks at a time, with each layer of three laid perpendicular to the layer below it. After the initial eighteen-layer tower has been built, players take […]

Employment verification and reference checks are a critical part of the hiring process, for they often tell more about a job candidate than a criminal background or credit check. However, outside of providing basic information for past employers and a phone number here and there for employment references, one might not consider the scrutiny his […]