Overview Your typical applicant screening process likely includes a criminal history check, an identity verification, a drug test, an education history and employment verification, and a work authorization. But have you ever conducted an employment credit report check? A financial background check can give you a good idea about whether someone is prone to monetary […]

  Inaccuracies on a credit report may cost consumers opportunities in the form of employment, credit, housing, and more. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, consumers have a right to see and dispute information that appears on their credit report, and CRAs are required by law to investigate each dispute and issue a response. Adding […]

The Fair Credit Reporting Act regulates the use of credit reports as a protection for consumers. Permissible uses of the credit report include: Applications. This can be for opening new lines of credit, purchasing insurance, or finding a new place to live (rental applications). Employment purposes. Employers can request a credit report on prospective or […]

  Credit reporting is subject to regulation because of the sensitive nature of the information being exchanged. The results of credit reports put individuals at risk of losing opportunities in the form of loans and job offers, and even housing. The Fair Credit Reporting Act exists to both preserve the right to vet prospects before […]

  As the credit reporting industry grew, so did the need to regulate its reach. Until the passing of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, there were no protections for the individuals whose personal information was being compiled in the form of “investigative consumer reports” and provided to private businesses to make hiring (for employers) and […]

Effective this year, several new restrictions will be added to how credit reports can be used during the hiring process in Nevada and Colorado. It is important for employers to be aware of these new regulations as Consumer Reporting Agencies will not alert the company if it is in violation of the regulations. Thus, knowledge […]

Consumer Reports are just another term for Employment Background Checks. Acquiring background checks pre-employment and occasionally during employment is recommended to ensure security of your company, assets, and decision-making. What you need to know before seeking a consumer report: The applicant must be made aware that a report is being sought and that its contents […]

A Company You Can Trust Looking for a company that can help you with criminal background checks, education verification, or credit reports on potential hires? There are plenty of those out there. But here’s the thing – we’re not just any old company. What sets us apart from the rest is our unwavering commitment to […]

Benefits of Using VICTIG for Background Checks Across All Industries At VICTIG, we offer comprehensive background check solutions for companies in every industry. Our quick turnaround times, in-house customer support team, and variety of screening services ensure that our clients receive the highest level of service and accuracy. If you’re interested in learning more about […]

Complying with laws and regulations when using VICTIG Background Checks In the current business climate, finding workers is probably one of your top challenges. At the same time, finding and hiring an unsuitable worker can be worse than no worker. Employers must assess the nature of the job, and its degree of risk to third […]