4 Interview Tips for Hiring Managers – Part One

A bad hire can cost your organization a lot of money. According to a CareerBuilder survey, 41% of companies say that hiring the wrong person ultimately cost them upwards of $25K, with 25% reporting a loss of $50K+. That’s not a loss you need to accept with your own organization, and to avoid it, follow these key interview tips before filling your next open position.

  1. Know the position in and out. How well do you, as the hiring manager, understand the specific position you are trying to fill? Your company is made up of a variety of departments and you need to be knowledge enough of each to be able to spot a good fit for that department when you see him or her.
  2. Have an established set of questions for each applicant and don’t change it up. If you are asking the same questions of each candidate, it will be easier to compare and rate each answer to find the ones you like best.
  3. Practice your interviewing skills, demeanor, and etiquette. A bad interview isn’t always the fault of the candidate. Brush up on your skills and practice with others in your company, maybe even someone in the department with the open position you are filling.
  4. If you are interviewing a group, definitely give a group assignment that will allow you to observe the applicants’ teamwork skills. If you’re only interviewing one candidate, pull in a few coworkers to help out.

Naturally, you should never extend an offer to a candidate without doing a thorough background check first. Talk to VICTIG to find a plan that suits your needs.