Background Screening Integration

With background screening one thing that is becoming more and more important is being able to integrate.  Integrations are not anything new, background screening software is integrated into many different HR and applicant tracking software.  The biggest difference that we see now is that integrating into huge HR software or proprietary systems isn’t is complicated as it used to be.  With our software we have a documented API and XML guide and our software was built with a foundation of making it easier for integrating into multiple types of software languages over several different platforms.  We are not a huge background screening company with a huge budget but our software allows us to compete against the big players because we can do a background screening integration faster, cheaper and better than them.   Some of our more recent integrations have provided solutions for tenant screening.  We have allowed property managers and landlords some of the most simple ordering tools you can find.  We have also been able to integrate our background screening software into Taleo, Yardi, Quicklease Pro, AMSI, ERCData and ADP Virtual Edge.

The TazWorks software we use is the best in the world.  We have seen many many others and nothing even compares.  Like I mentioned before, the software companies above can easily integrate using the advanced and friendly XML guide and Software Developer Kit (SDK).

Here are some words from the programming team themselves.

In addition to the most popular “off the shelve” software we have integrated to many more custom-proprietary systems built by the employer for themselves. We have enjoyed great success with our established track record and are continuing to expand our integrations with several other projects currently underway. We are confident we could successfully integrate with any system your client may use.


Over the past couple years we have found that a great tool for many of our clients or partners is being able to integrate with our software.  With our software we have a full documented API and XML guide.  When it comes to background screening many times it is cost effective to plug into our software and and make things more streamline.  We have a handful of programmers that work on projects each and every week with many different types of business that need Tenant Screening or Pre Employment Screening products.  Below is some language from our page about the XML and API.  If you think you could benefit from this technology please contact us so we can discuss the possibilities.


The VICTIG Instascreen software facilitates a variety of partnership options. Should your company need an integrated application that can efficiently and properly provide consumer investigative information like criminal records, credit, verifications, or social security traces, VICTIG is the partner for you.

Our fully documented API/XML Gateway guide provides your IT department with a map on how to communicate with us. We have a dedicated support team that can help troubleshoot problems, develop customized solutions, and provide valuable insight to the nearly endless possibilities. Hundreds of companies have developed an interface with the Instascreen software which assures you that we can do what we say we can do.

Contact a VICTIG representative to inquire about getting a copy of the XML guide.