Don’t Cut Corners

Being the owner of a business, CEO or HR manager is a very important responsibility. After all, if you do not send out a good quality product to your customers, they are not going to come back to you the next time they would like to place an order. The product that you send out the door is just as important as the people that you have working on your behalf. Because of this, it is extremely important to do pre employment background checks. It would be a shame to put your complete trust in a particular employee only to discover that they had a history of bad behavior.
For instance, you would never want to trust someone with the financial portion of your business if they had been convicted of theft. This is only one of many reasons why it is important to do a complete screening on all employees before you agree to hire them. If you are the owner of a day care, you obviously would not want to hire a child molester to do your babysitting for you.
There are a number of different resources that are willing to help you to take care of pre employment background checks. There is no reason why any employer should go about doing something such as this on their own. After all, there are outside companies, like us, who are willing to take care of the screening for you. It is also going to be a wise idea to have a drug test ran on any potential employees. Of course, after the initial screening, it is important to keep up on employees by doing continual criminal search while the employees still work for you.
Many employers get overwhelmed when it comes time to hire help. Therefore, they look for an outside resource that can help them with pre employment background checks. Owning a business is a very important responsibility. When we hire people off of the street to work for us, we are putting our business in their hands. It is very important to make a wise decision about the people whom we choose to do business with.
I complete background check dosen’t stop at just doing a criminal database search. Some employers think this is good enough but in reality it isn’t even close. Don’t get me wrong, it is important to do a criminal database search using the good databases. These databases include all the sex offender registries and the vast majority of the criminal records in the united states but there are holes in databases. Because of these holes you should always run the applicants address history and follow that up with county specific criminal searches in the counties of where they have lived. This way you can trust that the records, if any, are coming from the best source which is the county. It is very important also to consider verifying with applicants previous employers of their history with them. There are many different components to a good background check and isn’t it worth it to cut corners.

3 things to look for

3 things to look for in an efficient Background Screening Company

Whether for employment or tenant purposes, background checks are necessary to make sure that you are getting the right person. Background checks are common place for most job offers and for most contract placements, and therefore are a part of everyday life. We all know that background checks can verify identification details, offer information on any past trouble, and generally give an idea on the truthfulness of the candidate on an application.
There are thousands of Background Screening Companies out there, but all company that offer background checks are not created equal. Many people who are looking for a background check are looking for a company that can provide the best service for the money, and in order to do this, there are a few aspects of each of the potential Background Screening Companies you should look at and compare.
The first important aspect of Background Screening Companies is ease of use. A background check company can offer a ton bells and whistles, however if the service is difficult to use and the process is too confusing to understand, great features in the service will be of little use. A good background screening business will offer standard, easy to use and understand request formats in order to get the information that you need.
Customer service is also major part of the backbone of a good company. If you have any questions before, during, or after your service, customer service should be available on a regular basis, either through online contact or a properly manned telephone line. Customer service can make or break a company, so be sure to pay attention to any reviews on company customer service before choosing a screening business.
Another component to pay attention to is the turnaround time for background checks. For many businesses looking to hire proper candidates, the turnaround time must be prompt in order to keep the business running efficient. Background Screening Companies should be upfront about the amount of time background checks and take, and must stick to the timeline offered to the client.
Business that offer background checks are important to all other industries, and the best operating companies with good customer service, quick turnaround time, and customer friendly use are a good ally to have on your side when attempt to find vital information.
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