Nationwide Net Plus

background screening servicesHave you heard about our Nationwide Net Plus search? It is definitely one of the best products we have come across in the background screening world in a long time. Here’s the deal;

There are many issues dealing with and around criminal records. One of the significant issues that both the private and public sector face regarding the searching and matching of criminal records is that the results are only as good as the data that was submitted. Due to the fact that criminal records are public data, records are searched by name and date of birth. If the name was entered incorrectly, was falsified, misspelled, or has been changed, that will adversely affect the results of the criminal search.
The Nationwide Net Plus search counters this problem in a simple and cost effective way. When the information is entered into the system, VICTIG seamlessly runs a social security trace which shows all names associated with that social security number from hundreds of data sources. All of those potential names with varying dates of birth are instantly run back through the Nationwide Net Search (criminal and sex offender) at no incremental cost. As always, all potential hits are adjudicated by our criminal experts before the results are passed back to you.
This search helps with falsified information, mistyped names, maiden names, errors from the clerk, data entry problems, multiple names, and hyphenated names. For the month of March, company-wide, our customers are experiencing a 20.9% hit ratio with this search.
With a recent comprehensive study showing that 51% of candidates have lied on their resume and application, organizations cannot afford to not be vigilant. Contact us today about learning more about this product!

Tenant Screening

eviction record search tenant screeningImportance of Background Checks Tenant Screening

One of the most unpleasant duties for an apartment landlord is to evict a tenant. This is a process that costs a lot of time, effort, and money. Although nonpayment of rent is a popular reason for eviction, it is not the only one. Destruction of property, excessive nuisance complaints, and criminal activity in the apartment are other good reasons to evict a tenant. In order to improve the chances of avoiding eviction, a landlord needs to do Tenant Screening via a comprehensive background, credit check and eviction record search. Today, it is no longer enough to rely on gut feeling when renting an apartment. Bad tenants have become very savvy at hiding a bad rental history or a bad credit report. This is why it is necessary to do comprehensive background checks on all applicants

One of the most important parts of Tenant Screening is to get that credit report. As a landlord, it is important to pick people who pay all of their bills on time. If there are any lapses in payment, they should have been temporary and occurred long ago in the past. Definitely avoid anyone who doesn’t have all accounts current at the time of application. The credit report can also help to verify the current address of the applicant. If the address on the credit report doesn’t match the one stated in the rental application, the landlord should request documentation such as a utility bill which proves that the address on the rental application is real.

Another important bit of information about an applicant that can be gotten from Tenant Screening is a criminal background check. This is when it’s desirable to have a clean record. Again, minor infractions that occurred long ago in the past might be OK if the rest of the application looks fine. On the other hand, more recent activity or serious crimes are a very bad sign. Is somebody who doesn’t respect the community and the law with criminal action going to respect property?

While collecting all of the information from the application and Tenant Screening, make sure to check the applicant’s photo ID. Also, make sure the photo matches the applicant’s face. Identity theft is a big problem in this country, so it’s important to compare the ID and the applicant.
background checks on people renting apartments