Pre Employment/Tenant Screening – Adverse Action Flow Chart

Nowadays employment screening is becoming more and more of a commodity.  We have seen this trend for the past few years but we have figured out ways to separate ourselves from other screening companies. At VICTIG the way we separate our company is through our software, verification process, compliance training and customer service just to name a few.  We truly believe that we are the best background screening company in the world.   Read and watch some of our testimonials from our clients to see what they have to say.

Reminder of the week to all your HR directors, business owners and property managers that are doing background screening.  Below I have posted our adverse action flow chart.  Please take a look at it and make sure you are following the FCRA guidelines of when to use your pre adverse action and adverse action notices.   We can’t tell you how many times we talk to employers and HR directors and property managers that don’t know how to stay compliant on this issue.  Please let us know if you have any questions, we will be happy to spend time on the phone with anyone.   Call us!

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adverse action chart background screening

New Website

victig pre employment screeningWe have launched a new website as most of you can see.  We wanted to share more info about what we do as a company, testimonial videos, products and services, technology info and overall why we think we are the best.  For our clients the login link is still in the upper right corner of our site, you will see it there on every page.  If anyone notices any broken links or errors on our site please do not hesitate to share those with us.  We will continue to add great content to our site that will help our clients with compliance and answer background screening questions.  Please check out our  VICTIG FAQ page for some basic Q’s and A’s.

VICTIG’s articles of the week

Here are two great articles we found this week.  Both of these articles are a reminder to not take short cuts when you are doing background screening.  We always tell our clients that only doing just a national criminal database search isn’t enough and also is not compliant.  There is really too much liability with only doing a database search when you are vetting potential employees.  I wont ramble on but both of these articles are a good read.

taken from

by James Berklan January 03, 2011

Provider to pay $376,000 for hiring ineligible employees

In a case that is sure to fuel the push for more extensive nursing home employee background checks, an Indiana provider has been slapped with $376,000 in penalties for employing seven individuals who either had been stripped of their licenses or convicted of criminal offenses.

Indiana officials are calling it one of the biggest fines of its kind, ballooned by the fact that the provider, American Senior Companies, did not self-report the violations. ASC is the operator of nursing homes owned by a public agency that runs the Marion County Health Department and Wishard Memorial Hospital.

The seven employees in question were ineligible to work where Medicaid payments were involved. The U.S. Office of the Inspector General became aware of the problem in early 2009 after being notified by the Indiana Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, a division of the Office of the Indiana Attorney General.