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We make certain that our customers always come first, and provide them with the highest-quality software at the lowest price possible.

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We pride ourselves with our fast-paced abilities to provide you with the most information at the quickest time.

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We provide all our customers with the best service and support team to answer any questions or concerns that are presented.

Some of Our Integrated Partners

The VICTIG Instascreen software facilitates a variety of partnership options and a background check API

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  • As far as the expectations that you guys set for us, you’ve hit all of them. The support has been fantastic… Everything just works. – Ric Heaton, Connexion Point

  • [VICTIG] is always willing to do what needs to be done. The price, service, and executor is what every good business is looking for in a partner.

  • When I think of VICTIG I think of speed, which has been amazing compared to what I’ve seen. – Jeremy Sabin, Vivint Solar

  • The way you guys handle stuff with emails and alerts, and have it basically done all online is the biggest reason why we chose to move [to VICTIG]. – April Chase, Maverik

  • “It’s so hassle-free, I’ve actually told other HR people at other companies how much we’ve enjoyed our partnership with VICTIG.” – Josh Garner, Infinisource

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Things to Know Before Hiring a Background Check Company

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